Bodies: we all have them, but our relationship with our own body is completely unique and specific to us, to our background, our gender, our sexuality, our race, our faith, our health and our mind. It is an incredibly important relationship to explore. On Bodies is a collection of short stories, essays, poetry and art to explore the often difficult, often miraculous relationships people have with their bodies. 

The contributors for On Bodies include Michael Amherst // Marta Baussells // Stephanie Boland // Sami Çapulcu // Jake Elliott // Cara English // Livia Franchini // Rosie Haward // Clouds Haberberg // Rachel Heng // Krish Jeyakumar // Umairah Malik // Rica March // Christina McDermott // Kiran Millwood Hargrave // Kasim Mohammed // S. Niroshini // Stephanie Phillips // Ari Potter // Aki Schilz // Alice Tarbuck // Rebecca Thursten // Bryony White 

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