PRE-ORDER: On Anxiety (revised 2019)

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PRE-ORDER: On Anxiety (revised 2019)


'On Anxiety' is the first anthology from 3 of Cups Press, a literary collection about anxiety in its various guises.

Featuring work by Sophie Mackintosh, Sarvat Hasin, Eley Williams, Sharlene Teo, Marianne Tatepo, Erin Aniker, Alice Slater, Eli Goldstone and many more.

Paperback £12.99

ISBN: 9781999877675

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Anxiety. Worry, fear, longing, impatience. One word can mean so many things, be it the medical term for a mental health condition or a colloquialism for various forms of stress. 

Anxiety has affected all of us in one way or another; that's why we chose it as the theme for our first book, which you now have an opportunity to buy and bring to life. On Anxiety is a collection of short fiction, essays, poetry and art around anxiety in all its various guises, featuring over twenty artists exploring them. 

Featuring work from the following writers and artists:

  • Shanicka Anderson

  • Erin Aniker

  • Grace Au

  • Ka Bradley

  • Siobhan Britton

  • Lori England

  • Deborah Frempong

  • Nicole Froio

  • Claire Gamble

  • p.e. garcia

  • Eli Goldstone

  • Sarvat Hasin

  • Amberin Huq

  • Dr. Rachel Kowert

  • Sophie Mackintosh

  • Narayani Menon

  • Cornelia Prior

  • Alice Slater

  • Marianne Tatepo

  • Sharlene Teo

  • Harriet Thompson

  • Rosemary Waugh

  • Eley Williams

  • Hannah Williams